Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Stupid Things

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Stupid Things
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Here are some stupid things I heard or what not today:

***Disclaimer: These are not my political statements, just me picking on how people said things, please do not start a political debate on any of it! Please***

Stupid Thing #1: They did a segment on NPR about the state of the union address, in which they interviewed members of congress. One Congressman said ". . . Americans like to win and they hate defeat." Really!! Do they eat, sleep and shit too because I think that is a really general statement that would apply to just about any person in the world. I have never met someone who said "Dude, I so love to lose, it like totally rocks my world". I mean really, was he just jumping up and down waving his hand saying "pick me, pick me I want to be in an NPR segment" And they said "What the hell, we need one more comment to fill the slot." I mean really.

Stupid Thing #2: "If Libby said anything untruthful in his interviews, it wasn't because he was lying. . it was because he is a very forgetful man". . . really, really that is the defense you want to go with. " I am sorry your honor when I said I did not out a CIA operative. . .I just forgot I did it. My bad." Dude you either did it or you didn't. You are either telling the truth or you are not. I don't care just come up with a better damn defense then "oops, I forgot".

Stupid Thing #3: Parking and parking lots are HUGE commodities out here in DC. For a restaurant, store or building to actually have it's own parking lot. . . well it is nothing short of a miracle. So does DC say woowhoo you eat/shop/live here you actually get to park. NOPE they say ohhh so you want to park here huh? Well not only do we want your money for your food/goods/rent but ya kinda sorta need to pay extra for that too. Apartments charge anywhere from $50-$200/month rent for a parking spot at your own residence. Stores and restaurants put the nice little toll booth out there and charge you by the hour. But the best one so far is my gym that I paid $250 down and $30 a month for (which is actually a damn good deal out here) I now also had get a parking tag which is an extra $10 a month. . just so I can try to find a spot on their tiny rooftop parking or park a block down in the Giant garage and they will validate me. I had to do this because when I get off of work there is NO parking allowed on Connecticut, so I had no other choice. $10 a month to park at a gym where I PAY to belong too. Come on people. let's start bulldozing some worthless buildings and get a real parking lot. You can start with that crappy Italian restaurant on the corner.

Okay, I have had my say for the day. Thanks for listening.

Monday, January 22, 2007

A Cat Obsessed

Bomber has discovered the fish. . . .

From Pets

Mind you Mom had to put the stool there for him because without it he was jumping up and embedding his nails into the aquariums rim trying to see the fish.

Her dog Jet also discovered the fish last week. After living along side of the fish for months, they finally caught his eye. They were obviously very threatening looking, as the fur on the back of his neck stood up and the growling began. After a few minutes went by and the fish did not attack, he decided they were harmless and went on his merry way. He will probably never notice them again.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Great Falls Hiking with my sweets. . .

We had a wonderful, sweet, fabulous and fun weekend. :)

Check out the beautiful pictures.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Home Away From Home

Tonight I drove three hours to spend a few days with my mother at her house. You know it is nice to be "home". It is nice to be able to spend time with my mother.

I use to stay with my parents every other weekend. They probably had so much quality time with me that they were ready for a break when the weekend was over.

But then life got busier and every other weekend turned into one weekend a month. Now it is more like a visit when I can get a couple days off work (normally ends up being over holidays). I feel like I don't get to see them that much and I miss them terribly. I miss going to dinner with my parents, watching artsy movies with my mother or just playing in the yard with Jet. I miss being able to just come out here whenever I want and catch up.

It is all part of growing up though. As we grow up, sadly we get more and more responsibilities and with those added responsibilities we find ourselves with less and less free time. It becomes harder to fit everyone in, harder to have that quality time. . all the time. It is kind of sad when you think about it how life changes. When you are a kid, your parents are silly and bossy, you are with them day in and day out. . and you can't get away from them soon enough. . . but then you grow up and all you want is to see them more . . but you can't get to them soon enough.

I know this feeling is not unique to me. I know Mark misses his parents and he wishes that he had more time for them as well.

The tricky part in all this is finding a way to make time for your parents, your family and your close friends, not letting the time slip through your fingers.

But how? How do you make more time? If only we could add more hours in the day, more weekend days in the week.

I guess the secret is to enjoy the time you have, even if it is short or far in-between. Sometimes, I yearn to be a kid again. . . when time seemed to drag on forever and there was always plenty of time for everything (well except cleaning your room).

Of course, now I am home. . spending time with my mother (which I LOVE) but instead of missing my parents. . I am missing Mark.

I guess you can't have everything. . . well at least not always all at the same time.

(if this seems scatterbrained it is because I am half asleep).