Friday, June 22, 2007

My sweetest thing......

My sweetest thing. . .
Current mood: loved

I don't ever take Mark for granted. . . because he is the sweetest man in the world. Throughout our relationship, he has done lots of sweet, romantic things that make me feel so special and loved.

I love that we work well together. He is not only my best friend but he (with Bella) is my little family. I love everyday of it. We are a team and as a team we sometimes have our bad moments. . . one of us is grumpy, sick or tired. . but the other one always pulls it together to make the other one smile again. I love that.

He teaches me things. Sometimes, they are things like product liability, and contract law (offer, consideration, acceptance) and sometimes it is how not to walk up a mountain ("you are KILLING your knees"). He has gotten me into Rock Climbing which I really enjoy (although, I am still unnerved by it from time to time. . I am learning). We plan hiking/climbing day trips and would never waste a beautiful day laying on the couch.

He makes me laugh. Sometimes, so hard I am about to cry. There is always humor in our lives. We both have the same fun but sometimes dorky sense of humor.

He listens to me. Even when I am rambling, yelling (sorry but it is not on purpose I was born without volume control) or griping about my job for the 12 millionth time.

He looks out for me. I love the way he worries or defends me. When someone hurts my feelings or takes advantage of my niceness. . he gets truly upset. He wants to keep me safe. One time before I was about to go out of town and the forecast was calling for rain. . . . he got and installed me new windshield wipers so that I would be safe. When my dad was in the hospital and I was trying to be my parents rock, he understood when I had to be gone a little longer and called and texted me constantly, worried about how I was doing. . . and missed me.

I do not know how many surprise dinners, little gifts or just spur of the moment slow dancing sessions he has done for me. Just last night, I came home from a busy tiring day at work to find that he had gotten me some little presents (some of the things I realized I needed on our hike Monday), then after I changed out of my work clothes, he took me outside where he had a little table (tablecloth included) set up outside, with wine so we could sit and talk about our day before the next surprise. . . (per my mentioning how much I would love it) he cleaned the grill and then cooked us steaks, corn and zucchini on the grill. I was in heaven. (oh not to mention he rented me the movies I had been wanting to see).

All of this makes it easy to understand, why I love this man more than I have ever loved any man, Why I am so happy with this man, and why I completely and truly love my life and every day with this wonderful, wonderful man who loves me.

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