Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Our House

Since people have been asking for pictures of the new place I thought it was time I posted some. I mean it is not like I have a job or a demanding schedule standing in my way these days. . . sigh. I miss working!

The back of the house. It looks prettier in person though.

The breakfast bar half of the kitchen. It is funny because that counter is so high, you feel like a little kid sitting at it.

A pre-Solomon family picture of the Living room. Actually the owner painted this room tan so it is no longer that red color and we have only a couch and a laptop in it right now.

The dining room. I love, love, love the way these doors look out onto the deck. It is nice. I can not wait till our dining room table arrives though and I have some where to eat my cereal.

Bella likes the new couch. . . or should I say new to us couch. It is an old leather couch that we got for free at a yard sale. It is nice just for the sheer fact that before we got the couch we were sitting in the lawn chairs to eat dinner.

Usually just having the windows open is nice. However, the other day is was hot as hell out and we had to give in and put one of the portable a/c's in . . . when that didn't cool down we put the other one in. Notice those are the front windows. . we are quite possibly the white trash of the neighborhood. . .but damn it felt good.

I know it is silly to post a picture of your bathroom but this is just so much prettier than our last bathroom

The back deck. Bella loves it out here and if you can not tell this is where I enjoy my morning coffee. It is very peaceful!

A relaxing place to compute. Chances are if I am online during the day. . this is where I am sitting.

The other back doors. It is nice to have a set in the kitchen and dining room, because during cool weather we can open them up and just enjoy the day.

Doesn't Bella have a beautiful yard to enjoy? She seems to really love it. I love the hammock, it is a good place to lay and read, especially in the afternoon when the wind picks up a little.

Of course there is more to the house. We have the downstairs (basement) area with another living room, large bedroom, bathroom and laundry room. Also there are two bedrooms upstairs. But since we do not have any furniture yet, they are not pretty enough to show. So maybe later.

I miss everyone and hope to hear from you all soon. ♥ Holly

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