Monday, October 01, 2007

Too much food but Just enough fun

The bulletin that became a blog
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We had a great weekend. Friday we had to take Bella to the vet to get a minor eye surgery :( but she is doing okay now.

Then we had a fun dinner with our friends Will and Kelly where Mark prepared Steak, Garlic Mashers and sauteed zucchini and squash. Then for dessert Will made a YUMMY Chocolate Pecan pie that was very, very good (and I don't even LIKE nuts in my dessert.). Not to mention all the good wine, conversation and the hope to go snowboarding with them soon. :)

Then Saturday Michelle and I spent the day shopping. We went on a fruitless search for shoes to go with my wedding dress. But had a good mex and margarita lunch. Not to mention Michelle got a really cool wine decanter and set of martini glasses. Then we came home to meet Mark and set off on a dessert finding trip to LoDo. Turns out LoDo on a Saturday night is great for an after dinner drink. .. . but not so much for a timely dessert. However, we did find a GREAT wine shop. Yippee! (In Denver you can not get wine at the Grocery Store, and we have only found seedy liquoer stores with uninformed employees). The wine shop (Sip) had a GREAT selection. I can not WAIT to go back!

We gave up on the Great Dessert Search and instead went to the grocery store and picked up supplies for Mark to prepare us a gormet desert at half the cost. Michelle and I nibbled on bread and drank wine while Mark went to work. It was an AMAZING dessert. I am both GLAD and SAD Michelle took the leftovers home, because having that in the house would be dangerous. . . . . but DAMN that was good.

Then Sunday Mark and I joined Michelle, Kyle, Aaron, Nick and Nick's 6 year old daughter Mia for rock climbing. It was a fun day. Lookout mountain was COLD and my fingers were frozen by the time I got near the top. It is fun when you are climbing and you can not feel your fingers. After freezing for a little bit there we headed over to the sunny North Table Mountain, where I got my butt beat in a game of War by a 6 year old (okay so I sat on all my high cards, so she could win. . . . but she is a very competitive little girl and I did not want to break her spirits). Mark started to lead a climb and set some anchors and then I belayed Mia on two climbs. That little girl is made to rock climb. She doesn't give up either. She stays up there until she finds her route and she rocks it. Then I got to do a climb. It looked easy from the bottom but it gave my arms quite a work out. I would of quite several times, because it was WEARING me out. But Nick is a GREAT motivator. Every time I thought I was going to give up he talked me into keeping it up till I was over it. :) He was a great belay'er, I loved climbing with him.

Needless to day though, I was tired and ready to sleep in this morning. :)

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