Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Let me start by saying . . .I love being a mom... I love being a wife. But sometimes I feel like it is all consuming and I have lost that fun girl I use to be. I feel like I am always stressing about what is going on with the kids, schedules, kids temperament, family issues and so much that it weighs on me like a weight...it smothers out the fun in me because I am too busy worrying.

Mark and I talked about this and felt we both have lost a little of the fun in our lives. We feel that our days seemed consumed with schedules, errands and tasks instead of relaxation and finding things to do we enjoy. We decided the first step in getting this back is for each of us to get some down time...some Me time! We each pick a night and get 3 hours to ourselves, to read, write or do something that let's us have a break.

Tonight was my night. It started off rocky, as Mark did not have a smooth time with Blake (who is not use to being away from Mommy). But after both kids were in bed I took off on my own to starbucks where I got a lot of reading done, got to have a few conversations without a kid interrupting and enjoyed some silence. It is amazing how just a little over an hour made me feel so refreshed. I left feeling lighter, younger, more like me and less like this uptight, frowning woman I have been lately. It was nice. I hope this continues. I hope this helps me be lighter and less stressed through out the week with my family, so I can be the fun person I want to be.

Now if we could only figure a way that Mark and I can get US time once a week. I miss time with my husband that is not interrupted by a baby crying or Maddie wanting a story. I love, love, love watching us grow as parents but I really miss just spending time with my husband too.

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Alesha W said...

I love your idea about 3 hours of alone time a week. It would be worth hiring a sitter once every 2 weeks to have time for the 2 of you! We've been going through the same stuff.