Monday, February 08, 2016

When you hear hoofbeats....

Today I went in for an MRI. There are people that hate the experience but I think the sounds are actually relaxing, there are hoofbeats, alarms, ones that sound like voices and kind of helps the stress in my head from getting an MRI.

Remind me never, ever, ever to set an MRI appointment (or anything they have to draw blood or run a line) on a Monday. It was a painful disaster because obviously my veins hate Mondays too. I am going to be a bruised mess.

My head is killing me, I am sure it is stress. I hate the waiting game for results. It's probably nothing, isn't it usually nothing but my headaches have been regular and my brain has been 31 flavors of wonky, not being able to pronounce words I can see right in front of me sometimes, not being able to remember simple facts I know I know, stuttering and so forth.  It's funny the fear of early onset Alzheimer's disease scares me more than the fear of cancer. One may mean not being around to watch my kids grow up and the other may mean I am around but don't know who they are and are a burden on them. And then there is the thought, what if they find I just going crazy, getting stupider or what? ......Sigh, has it been 48 hours yet? I hate waiting for results.

Update: I have a brain and it is all fine. :)


Rachelle said...!

Rachelle said...!