Wednesday, August 30, 2006

By the looks. . . .

By the look of it. . . we look like that couple I never wanted to be. The couple sitting in the cafe, each with their own book, each in their own world. Neither attached to the other. You see them all the time, the couples who no longer communicate. The ones who are together but so far apart. By the look of it. . . that is us.

It is different from the inside though. I know we are sitting here each on our own laptops in a cafe because life is busy, there are tasks to be done. But instead of locking himself away in his upstairs office, he chose to include me. Instead of being in separate rooms getting work done, we are sitting here together. Communicating when one of us has come across something interesting to share with the other. There is communication. We are not each in our own world completely, there are still parts fringing together.

Is this how it begins though? Is this the first step? Does the communication trickle away? Do world separate more everyday?

We are sitting here because he wanted to include me in his world still. . . . but how long will that last?

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