Tuesday, October 03, 2006


What is love?

How is it that one person can mean so much to you?

You know it is love when that person has you so mad you could scream yet there is still no one else you would rather be with.

You know it is love when they have the ability to break your heart.

You know it is love when hearing them say "I love you" never gets old. It makes your heart jump every time.

You know it is love when you are seperated and even a day seems like two long.

You know it is love when you look at the person and think this is my family, my home.

I understand all these things. But what is it that makes us feel this way. How come we can meet hundreds of people and never feel this way. But then a chance meeting with one causes us to get on that rollercoaster called a relationship with no regrets. Is it based on physical attraction, fate, a higher power, common interests, laughter, trust?

What makes us stop in our tracks for that one person? What makes them so different?

I have always been curious about that, for as far back as I can remember. When I was younger I thought that we were all puzzle pieces just looking for that one piece that fits. My ideas have changed a little bit as I have grown up. I think that there is more than just one puzzle piece. There a many. Some fit just right but come at the wrong time in your life, some fit perfectly but then change as the years go on, some your force into making it fit just to be misreable in the end and some fit just right and stay that way (with the occasional conflict).

I suppose I will never really understand what it is that makes us fall in love with people. I suppose I don't need to either, just as long as love stays on my side ;)

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