Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Tundra in DC

This week we got lots of snow. They sent me home early from work yesterday (yippee) and today is a work what you want day so I will have Mark drive me in, then I will leave early for Valentine's day.

If you can not tell from the picture the BMW (FINALLY after lots of digging) got out of their spot just to get stuck on the corner. Now you know why I am not driving. Coming home with all the DC crazies last night was fun enough. Although I must admit last night I was one of the crazies. I had to go a different route since there was a car broke down on my normal route, blocking the road completely. So dumb me turned down the very next side street I could and then only after did I realize I was going the wrong way down a one way. That would explain all the people waving at me.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather. And being SAFE. Mark bought me attatchments for my sneakers so I won't slip and slide! :) Happy Valentine's Day.

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