Friday, March 30, 2007

Kidney [NOT] for Sale

Kidney's [not] For Sale
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Mark and I were talking about this the other day, and then low and behold I hear an ad on the radio.

Did you know you could get paid up to $6,000 per cycle for donating your eggs. That is a LOT of money. However, isn't it interesting that you can earn money for selling your eggs (or you could even go so far [if you are so inclined] {which I am not} to say your babies) but that it is illegal for you to sell your organs. Cash encouragement to give someone their own little bundle of joy=Good. Cash encouragement to prolong someones life with an organ=Bad! Now I know a team of people probably looked at this problem and decided that allowing people to buy organs would open up a can of worms, there for we must take the big rubber stamp and say ILLEGAL! I am sure there were concerns about decreasing actual donors or the fact that the rich kids would get all the good organs. But I still think it is silly to say "Hey sell all the eggs/Sperm you want, we shall pay you LOADS" but on the other hand say "if we catch you collecting any monetary thank-yous or risking your life and your health there will be legal punishment.

Just something I was pondering on and thought I would share. ;)

Selling Organ Article:

Curous at how much you could get paid for donating your eggs?

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