Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Solomon Family expands

Funny, I posted this on my myspace blog and Marks blogspot but not on my own. . . OOPS

It has been an exciting week. This weekend we found out were were pregnant and yesterday we went to the doctor and found out our estimated due date is September 19th.

Can you say WOW!?!

It feels like just yesterday I was thinking how cute Mark was as he was sitting on my couch in Gosnold Mews for the first time, then in a blink of an eye we were moving off to DC together to start on Mark's law school adventure, another blink and we are engaged .. .planning the rest of our lives together and before we can even blink again we are married.

It still seems magical and new to me that we are married, that Mark is my husband. But now here we are in Denver on part two of our adventure, as Mark finishes off his second year of law school . . .me 12 weeks pregnant. Before the end of this year, our next adventure, Parenting, begins.

I can not WAIT for this adventure. Where the idea is a little scary right now because we were planning on waiting another year and a half, it is also exciting. How can it not be exciting, we are expanding our family. . .we are going to have a miniature version of ourselves to love.

All of this makes me realize how lucky I am to have Mark. He has already become the doting husband and the concerned father. Immediately looking up all the possible harmful effects of the prescription meds I was taking before I knew I was pregnant. Making a veggie tray for me so when I get home from work and he is asleep I still have a healthy dinner. Helping me do research on what is good and bad for the baby. But most of all just being the sweetest, most considerate and wonderful husband ever.

I can not wait for our next adventure, because I know together we will do a GREAT job.

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