Saturday, May 03, 2008

Wayyyyy behind

So I realized (thanks to someone else posting their blog spot) that I have been seriously neglecting updating my blogs. I can not say I blame myself, I mean seriously I am pregnant, tired, working 7 shifts m-f waiting stupid tables (didn't I swear NEVER again. . ugh), I have a husband that is busy most every hour with law school so when he is actually home he wants to plan every minute of it. . . and well I am just lazy. . . oh and I forgot the constant need to go to the bathroom (although lately I think it is because the baby is having fun on my bladder).

However, I still feel guilty about not updating blogs. I use to be very good at keeping it up, I would at the very least post one blog a week on myspace. Now I am lucky if I respond to half of the people on myspace.

My two do list is 10 miles long and most of the items on there have been there for weeks, update the baby journal (which is SEVERAL entries behind), email people back (my inbox is over flowing with emails I have yet to respond to), organize my files (instead of all being crammed into my china cabinet, clean out the basement (mostly to make moving after the baby easier but also because I am hoping Mark will move his office down to the basement so the baby can have his room), and so on and so forth. Have I started ANY of these things? NOPE. . . I did do the dishes and go to the gym though, I think that took all my energy.

And the kicker is, I am never going to have any more time than I do now. . . because before the end of the year there will be a baby needing my time and attention. Now is the time to get things done. . . .if only I was motivated. Lordy.

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