Tuesday, December 22, 2009

31 again!


Sunday was my 32nd birthday, unless you ask my husband who keeps telling me I am 31 which totally works for me. It was an amazing birthday, full of smiles, giggles, kisses and love. Who could ask for anything more.

Mark was fighting a very vicious head and chest cold but despite how horrible he was feeling her worked hard and put aside his urge to snuggle under the covers all day to try to make it a great day for me. We started the morning off the best way...we all slept in. Then Mark got Maddie out of her crib and brought her to "wake" me in bed. She was full of smiles and excitement. I was very excited to get my last birthday present..a stovetop popper, much like the one that Melissa gave me years ago that I used until it was DEAD.

Before we headed out for the day my considerate husband wranggled the toddler while I got to work out on the treadmill for 50 minutes. One of my other AMAZING birthday presents was Mark built a shelf to house a cardio cinema and got me a tv so that I could look forward to working out. It really does make me want to work out more. I love, love, love it.

After my work out we hit the road, although it was snowy it was not too cold which was nice. We went to this mexican restaurant in huntington where we had the best nachos I have had since moving to this area. I LOVED them. Next time I want a place all to myself ;) Maddie was not a joy at the restaurant ...as nice as it is that she is walking now, the downside is she always wants her freedom and does not want to be pinned into an evil highchair. So in the end we did a dine and dash (except we actually paid for our meal) to rush a screaming child into the car. Maybe next year we get a sitter for my birthday lunch. Ha ha.

My goal this day was to get a few shirts I could wear and feel good about myself that were not baggy sweatshirts. Mark took on the task of running errands with Maddie so that I could shop on my own. Even among all the christmas crazies it was relaxing and I think I found some really great deals. However, the best part was when Mark and Maddie rejoined me and Maddie showered me with kisses as if I had been gone for years.

When we got home we gave Maddie her kitchen set ...she loved it and watching her play with it was a great birthday gift to myself. She was so happy and had so much fun. I got so much laughter out of her and kisses. It made me think about being 32...or 31 again...really look at my life and realize how amazing it is. I have a wonderful, sweet, considerate husband who loves to spend time with us, he still leaves me love notes and I get random I love yous throughout the day. He loves to make us happy and I love to make him happy. I have an amazing daughter who is so much fun to watch grow. I want to spend every second just enjoying her silly little smiles and games. Who wouldn't love this life.

I hope every birthday can be as joyful as this one was.
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Rachelle said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday ;-)!!!!!