Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bored in the Sun

Today I am having a yard sale. My hopes is to get rid of most of Maddie's stuff that I have left to make room in the basement again and to get enough money to #1-take Maddie to the Columbus Zoo next weekend for her last weekend as an only child and #2- buy a comfortable chair to nurse in.

It is kind actually more than kind of...sad getting rid of all Maddie's clothes. There are very few items out that I don't specifically remember Maddie wearing...or have a cute memory of Maddie in it. It makes me miss baby Maddie that you could just snuggle for hours with out her yelling "down mommy down".

I have picked most of the super cute clothes that I am in love with to pass along to one of my dearest friends that is having a little girl. I am so excited to pass them along and see another little girl grow up in them, but at the same time I kind of want to keep all of them...for absolutely no reason at all.

Staring at the clothes I can't help but think how fast Maddie has grown up. How fast she continues to grow. She is such a little girl, or a little princess if you ask her. She has no problem vocalizing all of her opinions, wants and desires. She is so musical...sometimes even her protests are done in song. She is smart as can be, she knows her shapes, colors, numbers, ABC's and some spanish. She is such a lover, she has no problem giving unsolicited hugs, kisses and I love yous to people who are important to her...even friends. I love that. She has the memory of an elephant. The other day when going to a friends house we had only been to once before she pointed out the house to me before even I was sure where it was. It is interesting that all these things make my heart swell up with love and pride and yet break my heart at the same time... because she is becoming a little girl and not my baby.

It makes me wonder if Little Man will grow up just as fast. How him and his sister will co-exist when she insists on being the star of the show, how they will bond and hopefully become little best friends when he is old enough to play with her, how her knowledge will effect him and help him grow. I look forward to watching them together. I just wish they wouldn't have to grow up so fast.

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