Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Poke and Squeeze...

Today I had my mammogram which of course led to an ultrasound. They did a mammagram on the left breast just for comparison but it turns out that there are calcium deposits (?) in that breast which could be nothing or could be precancerous cells. The doctor came in to talk to us after (Mark was able to come with me thanks to my dear friend Theresa watching the kids), but didn't have much to boil it down it could be bad or it could be good, no way to tell till we do biopsies. I need 3 biopsies, one on the lump, one to extract a calcium deposit (?) and one on my swollen lymphoid (even though it is probably swollen from my tetanus shot).

They did not have any openings in the schedule till July 5th but once again my scheduling luck prevailed and they decided to squeeze me in tomorrow, I am probably going to have to do a lot of waiting in the room for my turn but I don't earlier biopsy means earlier results. If my scheduling luck keeps up I could have results as early as friday...I am hoping for that. I am ready to know, ready to prepare...ready to be done with testing.

Yes, I am posting this on my blog...mostly because I feel I need to document it but not many people read my blog. I am waiting to tell people when I have results. No point in worrying anyone outside my parents and husband till we know what is going on.

Fingers crossed I get results soon.

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