Thursday, December 20, 2012

The best birthday present of all

I was going to write a long blog, since I have not written one in a while. Alas, last night was busy and filled with family it did not get written. This morning we are preparing for school so I don't have much time but wanted to share this with you.

Yesterday I got an early birthday present...a great one.

Wednesdays are Chemo days. It took 3 attempts to run a line but other than that it went smoothly and fast (they were having a slow quiet day). After Chemo Mark and I had a quick lunch before heading over to the Women's Health Center. I was having a breast MRI. A couple of weeks ago my right boob started to hurt where the lump had been, it was tender to the touch and would get random shooting pains. I thought I felt a small lump. Dr. Diab said he didn't think it was anything to worry about but wanted to do a breast MRI just to see what was going on. So there I was getting another breast MRI. It took two tries to run the IV line, not a good day for pokes. I spent the next hour in the MRI machine listening to the funny noises. After I was done they informed me that the doctors were not there right now, but someone would be looking over my film and calling me by tomorrow afternoon at the latest.

Two hours later, that is when they called me. I actually missed the call but the voicemail said she had good news and that she was not going to be in the office much longer. I returned the call expecting to hear...Nothing new, all is the same. Alas.......

DRUMROLL PLEASE...............

My tumor is COMPLETELY gone. There is just a black hole where the cancer once was. My lymph-nodes look good, all is good. So despite having one more chemo session and my surgeries....I am now cancer free. Happy Happy Birthday to me!

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Holly said...

Such awesome news Holly! Can't even imagine any other news! What a great birthday gift and a fabulous way to end 2012!! So happy for you! Also think this is ironic- today is my sister in laws birthday too! It's a day survivors were born!