Friday, August 03, 2012

Treatment #2- DONE

Woot Woot, this means I am halfway through with the treatments in my first series! At the end of this month I will be done with the first series and ready to start the second series.

This treatment was actually harder. Turns out I have rolling veins so it took four pokes and a lot of pain (to spare the gory details) to get a good return. They have to be very careful because the Adriamycin if it leaks into your skin will eat the muscle and skin tissue. Fun times. After that it was not as bad, I was starving and freezing so I know next time I will bring my nice fuzzy pink socks from the sweeties and a sweater...not to forget a nice healthy lunch (they just have pb crackers, nutragrain bars and cookies). But it was a nice relaxing treatment after it all got started, Mark and I laid back and watched two episodes of Breaking Bad. Good quality time. ;)

After we left things felt pretty much normal, a little nauseated and lightheaded. But the nausea was definitely hitting harder this time. I even took a zofran as soon as I got home (where last time I did not take a nausea medicine until a few hours later). Last time I was fine as long as I was moving but this time nothing really helped. The nausea just got worse and worse as the evening went on. I ate dinner to see if that would help and then spent part of the evening with my head in a trash can. I am sure that made Mark's dining experience eventful. Luckily, my doctor was is always easy to reach so I was able to text him and ask what meds were safe to take (since it had not been 8 hours since the zofran and I had taken a Lorazepam 20 minutes before I was sick. He told me to double up and take another zofran and lorazepam and got to bed. I slept like a rock (snuggled in between Maddie and Mark) and feel much better this morning. I can even eat. I don't want to but I can. Last time Mark had to force feed me for a few days after. I can handle day one being hard if the rest are easier. Seems like a small price to pay.

So do you want the good news? I noticed my lump had shrunk when I was checking myself in the shower that morning. During my exam before treatment Dr. Diab was looking for the lumc and had to ask me where it was. When I showed him, he confirmed it had decreased in size by 50% after just one treatment! WOOT WOOT! He said the goal is that by the time I go in for surgery that they will not be able to find the lump at all. Sounds good to me! Definately makes it all worth it. Who cares about nausea, fatigue, dizziness and hair loss when you are getting better.

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