Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Hair today...Gone tomorrow

Today my hair started falling out. I could shake my head and watch it cascade to the floor, I was finding hunks in my headband and was becoming obsessed with running my fingers through it (to see if I was imagining how much was coming out). So it was time to shave it off for my own sanity. Maddie disapproved of this idea, but agreed to hold my hand.

Maddie was not thrilled.

I let Mark have the honors

Maddie tried to catch my hair as it fell (this is when it started to be fun for her).

But she was still concerned

Mark started with a Buzz cut

I think Mark was having a lot of fun shaving my head into different styles

But all in all, losing my hair ended up being a fun family event
I read in another blog today a statement I liked. Losing your hair is not bad, it just means the chemo is working. I like thinking about it that way. It means we are one step closer winning the battle.

Personally, I like this haircut better than the last one.

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. -Dr. Seuss

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