Monday, November 13, 2006

Ahhhh Vegas

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ahhhh. . . .Vegas
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So it is 1:20am for all you eastern folks out there. However, in Vegas it is betting time. Also known as 10:20pm.

It has been quite an adventure so far. My class got out early which left me at the airport at 4pm (umm that would be 4 hours and 25 minutes before boarding). I killed time in the food court ohhh so excitingly by playing collapse on my computer. Why was I not on the Internet; because like D.C. , San Jose is a cheap airport who does not want to provide free Internet for it's bored boarding customers. I did not feel compelled by any measure to pay $9.99 an hour; so Collapse it was.

Unfortunately, my computer died (suprise, suprise) after an hour (in case you weren't keeping track that means I still had 3 hours and 25 mins to kill). So I ventured out to the terminal.

Smart girl Holly (or known this week as "Molly") was stopped by security due to a suspect object in my lap top case (oops forgot about that diet cherry coke, you know how lethal those cans are). So after apologizing profusely for not only attempting to carry such contraband past security but lying about it at the three (count it three) check points where I was asked do you have any liquids, I proceeded on my way.

I had dreams of a eating a big juicy cheeseburger while simultaneously charging my laptop. It should go with out saying that these dreams were dashed by the existence of only a concession stand and a bagelry in the terminal. I enjoyed my bagel all the same.

While charging my laptop I made a friend. Unfortunately I played the damsel in distress (if that is what you call a girl that almost falls over trying to plug her laptop into a place she can't reach) and he saved the day (here forth known as plugged in the laptop). I learned in my brief conversation with him while waiting for my zone to be called that he does something,something, something for a technology firm (yea, I was listening that intently), he is traveling to his home in Dallas (which he thinks is a GREAT location. . . hey someone has to like it) and he has previously lived in Charlotte, Tokoyo and something something something (there go those listening skills again). He learned I am on a red-eye to DC which will be followed directly by a road-trip with my boyfriend and that my boyfriend goes to Law School and my boyfriend use to work in computers as well (there was a lot of boyfriend in this convo). Oh and that I know nothing about my own company and can not answer questions (ohh wouldn't "Brace" be soo glad this week of training paid off).

The flight to Vegas is only one hour and eight minutes from San Jose. In which time I forgo-ed the drink and pretzels and instead finished watching 'Rabbit Proof Fence' on my laptop. Then of course the battery died.

I have to say at this exact moment in time I have NO desire to venture out into Vegas (with the exception of getting a picture) I have to say that was the MOST beautiful landing EVER! (even tops Hawaii). The landscape looked like a beautiful board full of lights and then in scattered areas there would be a building ( or in some areas a cluster) jetting out from the flat landscape. It looked like a model of a town, everything so perfect and pretty looking. As we got closer the casinos and the lights took shape, making it even more beautiful. As we came into the final circle before hitting the run way we saw Mandalay Bay, the Luxor flashed at us and everything lit up. Landing on the runway was a unique experience. Usually when you land the run way is surrounded by fields and other runways but this runway was like landing right in the middle of the strip. I could see the front to all the stores and if felt like the plan should be parallel parking at any moment.

Once in the terminal I ventured over to buger king (the only choice) for that juicy cheese burger (via two moving sidewalks) and played some slots before trying to find a window with a view for a good picture (including a rude guy who informed me such a thing would not be found).

Now I have 30 minutes before my flight boards and then what will feel like FOREVER until I touch down back "home".

Four facts to derived (that were interesting enough omitted) from this blog:

-I loved all of the people (or maybe just most) I met this week and will sincerly miss (most of) them. Blanket, Stein, Thigh-go, Mantell and Billy were loads of fun and kept me laughing.

-Once I touched down in Las Vegas and was officially away from California my nose unstuffed and I stopped coughing.

-That I sincerely missed DC. More than I thought I would. Of course I missed Mark but I missed my DC as well. I guess I am finally starting to feel like a "district columbian"

And most importantly:
-YES I can say I lost a dollar in Vegas. Hey when it is a dollar you just keep playing those 5 cent machines till it is ALL gone!

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