Monday, November 13, 2006

New friends and then your gone. . . .

Recently I had to take a business trip to San Jose, California. I was excited about the adventure, but sad as well since it meant leaving Mark, Bella and our home for a little over a week.

Mark made our last few days before we parted a lot of fun. We went and did things in the City that we had not had the time to do yet. It was nice to have that quality time together.

I was unsure of what to expect when I arrived at my hotel in San Jose. It was 12:30 their time (which is 3:30am our time) and I was EXHAUSTED. I didn't know if I should be glad my roommates door was closed (so I could go straight to bed) or disappointed (because I would not know who I was rooming with until the morning). Unfortunately all the doors were closed so I was uncertain about which door to open, fearful of waking her up and making a bad impression.

Luckily I guessed right on the door to my room and the bathroom and avoided waking her up. Well. . .kinda; as soon as I placed my suitcase down a very tired, very pregnant girl came out the third door. Her name was Chantel, she was from San Francisco, 7months pregnant, mother of two already, and was full of a tremendous amount of energy that kept her talking a mile a minute. By 1 am I knew everything I could possible NOT want to know about anybody. Her lack of modesty aside she was a very sweet girl. She went out earlier that day and got us groceries just in case I was hungry when I arrived. She had worried all night that I would not show and she would be alone all week. She was very relieved to see me.

Over our week together I came to like Chantel, she was very sweet and would give you the shirt off her back. However, I felt the need to distance myself from her because she seriously lacked a 'censor' button and on numerous occasions told inappropriate stories and constantly said crude things in a professional environment. As sweet as she was one on one, I was very happy when our time as roomies ended, out of fear she would drag me down with her.

The next person I met was Steve. Steve is from Jersey, married with two cute kids and was taking the class to learn how to be an instructor. Steve was funny. HUGE Rueters fan. I think Steve is going to be a great teacher. He is very thorough and tries to make things fun. Out of everyone I met, I stand the greatest chance of seeing him again since he might come to our area to teach. I look forward to it. I already told him Mark and I would show him the greatest Italian restaurant in DC.

The few others are Lily. My silly classmate who kept me giggling in class. Though she made me giggle, I made her laugh so hard she cried. She was our taxi driver and our co-conspirator. Unfortunately since she lives in San Jose, I do not know when I will get to see her silly tail again. Hopefully, we will still be able to keep in touch via the internet just in case.

Thaigo (pronounced Chaa-go) is another Cali native that I will probably never see again. He was the sweetest kid. A little nervous under the pressure of role-playing in class but in the end pulled it all together and wowed the instructors. He seems like the kind of guy that if I had a little sister, I would of INSISTED they meet. He was sweet, smart and funny. Plus, he always had a highlighter for me to borrow.

The person I will miss the most is Garrett. I love Garrett to death. Without him it would of been a very dull, horrid week. Garrett encouraged me to go to the gym, to eat more salads, to drink more wine, to giggle and wrinkle our noses at others, to laugh till it felt more like an ab exercise. The boys fashion taste put mine to shame and he almost had me out matched on the sarcastic remarks as well. He was quick to make sure I didn't miss a hot guy walking by and he kept me up to date on the VA elections (CNN addict that he was). We talked about our relationships past and present, made fun of our teacher and toured the restaurants on Santna Row. Garrett was from Boston and on this trip he was the Abbott to my Costello. To semi-quote Garrett's most recent myspace comment to me, I miss him like Whoa!

In class our instructor kept referring to me as Molly and Thaigo as Thigh-go. So as a joke we officially changed all of our names. Steve became "Professor Stien" (always pronounced with German flair), Garrett became Barrett which somehow got transformed to Blanket and then was known as "Sir Blanket", Lily became "Billy" and Chantel became "Mantell". We were our own Mod Squad. No one in class really understood our silly jokes, but we had fun together.

It is sad to meet such fun people that I could truly see myself becoming friends with, only to leave them after a short time. It made coming back to DC sad. Because I have yet to meet those kind of people here. The kind where we hit it off instantly and embark on fun adventures. I think Mark and I would both enjoy those kind of friends in our lives, although our free time is limited, laughter is always welcome.

I can only hope that soon I will find my DC Mod squad.

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