Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Well That will be on the DVD....

Today was a pretty awesome day. It is Mark and my 5th Anniversary. I love that man, we have been through so much together...we have accomplished so much together.

We started our day off with a family breakfast at a local bagel place (I had a groupon saved for the occasion). They kids were especially good and fun...made for a fun breakfast. After that we went next door to get Blake's hair trimmed up...I guess he is kind of young for an afro that would put the 70's to shame. Then Mark went to work and I took the kids to Monkey Business (another saved groupon) because they have not been getting out as much lately with all my appointments. They had a fun time, Maddie of course made friends and Blake, of course, stayed close to mommy. But he did venture away a few time...before panicking he was too far from mommy. I love my little Mama's boy.

In the evening we had our Chemo Class (well my chemo class but Mark is my second set of ears). We arrived at 3:56 for a 4pm appointment, signed in ...then I went to scheduling to verify all my appointments, before being sent to the financial advisor to talk about costs of treatment, then the genetic counselor came out to talk to me about a future appointment with 4:20 I was informed they forgot to tell me that my class was actually in Parker and they were going to have to reschedule me...(I love, love, love my doctor but his administrative staff leaves something to be desired in organization). I reminded them that my chemo starts tomorrow morning so rescheduling would be too late. After a phone call and a frantic walk around the office the secretary came out to tell me that Rich is going to do the class with me.

Oh Rich, the man born without a sense of humor but was "blessed" with a monotone voice. Rich basically went over all the fun side effects of Chemo and what medicines I was going to be on and what the side effects of the medicines to counter the side effects of chemo were. Oh fun times with Rich. I was originally told that the Class would walk me through Chemo and tell me exactly what to expect on the day of my appointment. Rich disagreed with this description of the class. He informed me that he would give me a Chemo Informational DVD that would explain all about Chemo. Oh and if I did not have a DVD player then they could give me VHS (really, they still make those?). Oh but wait...after answering my questions several times with "Well that will be on the DVD I am going to give you" turns out he doesn't have any DVDs...I will have to drive to Parker for one...Oh but wait they are closed so maybe tomorrow I can get one. At what point is it ok to smack an RN in the head and say DUH!
Rich also did not like questions. Don't ask Rich questions because truthfully, your questions are pointless and he will answer them with the original statement that made you ask the question. All I have to say is THANK GOD we get to talk to Dr. Diab before my chemo tomorrow. I am not sure Rich was much more help than just giving me the side effect paper work.

Listening to all the side effects were exhausting though, there were the side effects from chemo, the side effects from the nausea medicine, the side effects from the other nausea medicines to help the nausea medicine, side effects and side effects and side effects. It is enough to make your head explode. They really have it down to a science though. They can tell me what days I need to take certain meds because the side effects of one medicine will be worse on days 3,4 and 5. Also, take this on days 7-14 for these side effects. I feel like a need a calendar just to keep track of when all the side effects are going to need meds. He said around 14 days is when my hair is going to start to fall out. Mark wants me to just shave it now, but I have trouble committing to shaving it before it falls just seems wrong for some reason. The good news is after this 8 week treatment my hair will start to grow back and shouldn't fall out during the second round of chemo (because we are getting lower dose more frequently instead of high doses less frequently...not sure how that works but WOOT WOOT for hair).

After we were done with the class, picking up our prescriptions and making copies of all the paperwork we got to go out for a night on the town for our anniversary. We went to the all you can eat sushi place (because gluttony should always come before nausea) and had a really great evening...full of laughter, uninterrupted conversation and raw fish. It was a great ending to a pretty great day. I can't complain.

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